Michael Dar has created a name for himself with his iconic portraits and alluring fashion photographs. Michael has a lifetime  experience in the fashion industry, first as a model, then a model scout. It was while he was scouting and shooting his discoveries he realized photography to be his biggest passion. This passion has taken him to New York, Paris, Milan, Australia, Brazil, LA and finally back to the Midwest to Chicago, where he now resides.

There is soul and pure human expression in his works that I believe everyone can relate to present in his portraiture—both the warmth and chill of emotions, capturing the essence of one's beauty.

He leaves nothing to chance, has perfect command of light, subject and possibilities. These are the factors that led to his editorial work quickly finding a place in international magazines and online publications: British Vogue, GQ, DNA, Maxim, Image Amplifies, Male Model Scene, Bello, CS, Dominus, Ellements, Solstice, Status, Vulkan, Sheridan Road, Michigan Ave, Modo, Naperville and Beautiful Magazines.